Relationship Coaching

We get our car serviced regularly and our technology updated yet we very often forget to look at the relationships around us and how these can be improved by an impartial listening ear and a bit of a retune.

When relationships don’t fit the heteronormative/mononormative tropes, it can be even harder to find a place to be safe and brave without judgement, with understanding and validation that relationships are individual and each one will be different.

Relationships don’t always turn out the way we initially desired, working with me is an opportunity to create, evaluate and prepare for a relationship that works for you. Longevity is not always a measure of success and if we reframe how we view conditioned ideals we can learn, grow and exhibit a true choice rather than an influenced one.

My role is sitting with you all and listening, observing, suggesting interventions while working alongside you all towards your joint goals. Relationships aren’t easy and require consistent work from everyone to ensure smaller niggles don’t become larger ones, that neuro differences don’t become relational ones and that we can improve our emotional and empathic literacy during discourse.

Discourse and disagreements are the best time to show care and kindness to those we are in relationships with, and we can quite often overlook this.

We can bump our personal trauma off each other in relational situations obliviously and assume and presume outcome and intention. What we say doesn’t always land in the places we expect it to, and this ensures that dissonance and inequity can be created in that ethereal space between our lips and the ears of those around us.

We ask

When do you feel valued by others?

When do you feel loved by others?

When do you feel heard by others?


Questions and reflection that work us all towards the relationship you need, the one you desire and the one you deserve.