Jan Karada House Talk on race, mental health and relationship diversity 

Jan OxMag article on Pragmatic Optimism 

Jan facilitating meeting of Oxford Gospel choir on Inclusion 

Jan Advanced clinical discussion group Pink Therapy 

Feb began a project consulting on race and inclusion cards in school with Together Equal 

17th April Privilege and Otherness: Developing a Language for Practitioners with Dwight Turner 

March Ran Diversity training for OxPCF Oxfordshire Parent Carers Forum 

March Karada House, ran a workshop “Holding space for resilience” 

March Taped some videos on local queer history for the launch of the refurbishment Oxford Museum 

March Agony Aunt spot on Internet tv show Tucking Tuesday 

April Karada House ran a workshop “Shadow Self and Chronic Shame”

May On a panel about black inclusion for the launch of Black inclusion week 

May Guest on The relationship coach show talking about race in the therapy room

April x4 global keynotes for Taylor & Francis on ‘Pandemic Fatique’

May Hackney Talks panellist on mental health awareness 

May guest on My Umbrella web show about Queer mental health and trauma 

May UKCP Magazine about training as a therapist as a member of the global majority 

June That’s TV interview on Pride 

June interviewed for ‘7 Ways to Safely Celebrate Pride Month This Year’ 

June BBC Interview on pride 

June Interview for Jack FM 

June interview on BBC South 

June Guest on Virgin Radio Pride talking about Queer spaces and exclusion 

June interviewed for hellogiggles.com on A Lack of Accessibility in Queer Spaces  

June Seminar for Nielsens IQ on mental health 

June Interviewed for Eachother.org on Disabled people at pride  

July talking for UBS on marginalised mental health  

July AGM of Pride where I stood down as the 1st PoC chair and released my statement about my treatment 

July published my personal account of being a chair of a pride org on medium.com 

Aug Red magazine interviewed about polyamory

Aug International Human Rights Conf panellist on the race and pride panel 

Aug Presented on Relationship Intersectionality for The Relationship Super Conf 

Sept Co-host main stage at Pride in Gloucestershire

Sept Essence marketing and PR Panellist on LGBTQIA+ Mental Health

Sept Inclusion and Diversity Summit panel on Advancing racial equality in the workplace

Sept NCMI conference presenting distal to proximal on decentering whiteness

October 2021

NCHP Conference speaker 

NCHP conference

Trauma Super Conference presenting on the Trauma of Concealment

Expedia Panellist on LGBTQIA+ Mental Health

BBC Radio Gloucestershire, takeover hour and talk


Jan Casual relationship of Mental health and LGBTQIA+ Wadham college Oxford 

Jan Article for OxMag ‘Self Compassion’ 

Feb Love languages article for OxMag

March Transgender rights column in OxMag

April 20 Ran finding self compassion workshop for Unmuted 

April Attended Advanced working with kink clients TASHRA 

April ‘Pause for thought’ BBC 

April Queer therapist spotlight in Unicorn Magazine 

March Column on Laughter for OxMag 

May Judge of Cornwall Pride Isolation idol  

May Designed Monitoring forms for OxPCF

May ‘Pause for thought’ BBC

May OxMag ‘How to be physically distant yet socially closer’ 

May panellist on Intersectionality for Springer Nature 

May Attended Intersectionality Matters: A Conversation with Kimberlé Crenshaw 2.5hrs 

June Nominated again for LGBT+ Positive Role Model at National Diversity Awards

June The Practice rooms blog post ‘Proud in the absence of pride’ 

June Was on global Pride representing Oxford Pride 

June Gave a talk at the BLM Pride in Oxford 

June Hosted a 14hr Live Oxford Pride stream 

June Interviewed for community conversations Portsmouth Pride 

June Sassifyzine video on mental health and LGBQTIA+      

June Became DE officer at NCHP 

June BBC Oxford TV interview on Pride

July  On Consent culture panel, Consent activists, relationship experts and scholars of psychology, ethics and sexualities explore the impact of the Covid 19 crisis on our intimate relationships

July Pan Vis Day panellist Under the brolly live  

July attended Psychoanalysis, (Trans)gender, and Sexuality [Livestream], Freud Museum 

July gave a talk for UBS on Cultural sensitivity, intellectual humility and acknowledgement of bias to facilitate authenticity of safe spaces for LGBTQIA+ BAME in the workplace

Aug Joined the ACBS

Sept UKCP systemic racism workshop 1.5 hrs 

Sept UKCP attended The MoU? It’s about me and you

Sept UKHC speaker interviews 

Sept panellist on bi visibility Under the brolly show

Sept on Animagi panel on mental health and fetish 

Sept BBC oxford interviewed

Sept Pride in surrey talking about inclusion in Pride 

Sept attended Pride in Gloucester 

Pink Therapy Trainer Award 12 hrs classroom

Oct Keynote “Coming out” for Wiley Ltd mental health and coming out at work 

Oct Pink Therapy Advanced clinical discussion group 

Nov Launch of Beyond Monogamy with Zayna and Jonathon podcast 

Dec Karada House ran a workshop on the Psyche of Polyamory 

Dec Became a Pride 365 Champion 

Dec Panellist on Diversity and Inclusion on Grief is the word show, part of National Grief awareness week 


Wrote report on BAME inclusion for West Midlands Environment agency 

Feb Talking about LGBTQIA+ Asylum and mental health at Brookes University Oxford 

Feb LGBTQIA+ Intersectionality and Islam Conf Birmingham 

Feb Panellist LGBT+ History Month Reading 

March Attended the 7th Pink Therapy Conference, Chair on race and ethnicity panel 

May interviewed for “This is what therapy is really like for queer people of colour” article in Gal-Dem 

May panellist on ‘colouring the rainbow panel’ Wadham Uni Oxford 

June Trained CAMHS staff on LGBT+ issues 

June Chaired the Oxford Pride Symposium at Oxford Brookes University 

June interviewed by Refinery29 article “We’re lying and keeping secrets from our therapist, why?”  

June Attended the NCHP conf  

June Became chair of Oxford Pride

June attended NCH conference 

June Fyne Times ‘Can we be proud without Pride’ 

June Gave a Becoming a parent seminar on familial make up for Spratt Endicott

Turning point group facilitator (alcohol/substance misuse and LGBTQIA+)

Oxford University LGBTQIA+ group facilitator 

Oxford Pride “Why laughter can be the best medicine” presentation

NCHP Masterclass with Shaun Brookhouse & Fiona Biddle – Additional classroom hours

Sept Chair of Ethnicity Panel at 1st Bi Pride 

Sept on a panel about Queer sex and pleasure Black Beetle Health 

Sept Finalist in the National Diversity Awards LGBT+ positive Role model 

September 2019 OxMag ‘Attachment Styles’ 

Oct on a panel about mental health and bisexuality for Willis Towers Watson

Oct Presented Oxford Pride bid to become UKPride  

Oct column in Fyne Times about food play in the bedroom 

Oct Gave workshop at Brookes Uni on ‘coming out as bi’ 

Oct Gave Polyday workshop on ‘Ethnicity in the Polycule’ 

October 2019 OxMag ‘Expanding your emotional vocabulary’ 

Nov UKHC presenting on Working with clients outside of the societal narrative

Nov Talk at Pitt Rivers Musuem for the Launch of LGBT+ History Month on Diversity 

Nov Finalist in the Businesswomen of the year awards 

November issue OxMag ‘Embracing Difference and Anti-bullying’ 

Named and was on the steering committee for the Queering Spires exhibition at the Oxford Museum 

Dec Tickle.life article on NRE 

Dec Column in OxMag about Dealing with you family during the holidays and hypercopresence

Dec created the 1st sober drop in queer space in Oxford 



March            MHFA Lite course

March Pink Therapy conference Workshop facilitator 

April DIVA Magazine 3 page Mental Health at Work

May Hosted a picnic for Oxford Pride for LGBTQIA+ Parents who are marginalised in the community 

May BBC Oxford for Pride

May Talk at Henry Box School Witney on LGBTQIA+

June presented 50 shades of sexuality 2018 NCHP conference 

June attended NCH conference 

July 2018 UKCP Code of Ethics Consultation Workshops 

Aug Trained to be a Stonewall Role Model

Sept presenting on LGBTQIA+ mental health Warneford hospital 

Oct TVP Conference Keynote presenting on LGBTQIA+ Mental Health

Oct Making space for mental health interview in DIVA as part of Black History Month

Oct Polyday on PoC and Polyam 

Nov Presenting on Unicorns at Birmingham Bisexuality Festival

Nov Gave a talk at The Oxford Playhouse on Asylum and mental health after the play ‘Old Stock A Refugee Love Story’ 

Nov Gave a 45min stand up routine about my life at Black Queer power event, KU Bar London 

Became Chair of Oxford Friend mental health charity 5hrs a week 

Became community liaison officer for Oxford Pride 5 hrs a mth