Intersectional Therapy

My charity, diversity consulting work and private therapeutic practice explore how race, gender, sexuality and relationship diversity create a prism of intersecting identities.

Intersectional therapy is about seeing the person as whole with all our glorious and often marginalised intersections. 

What if we lived in a world of glorious curiosity and self-acceptance on a mass scale.

It would truly be wonderful…

Yet we inhabit a world where intersectional oppression and performative tokenism has become the usual, maybe you grew up in an atmosphere of self-censorship, codeswitching and micro suggestions of societal conformity. Microassaults, microinsults and microinvalidations bombard our psyche from every angle, silencing and othering a lived experience of the earth.

People can be forced to mask neurodiversity to confirm, encouraged by society to hide our authentic selves and feel the shame and guilt of that true self trying to break through.

Systemic embedded oppression of priority identity facets is demonstrated as to the hierarchal order of the perceived primary identity facet. What people see first is usually the primary identity that is projected upon us. We are all a joyous web of everything that makes us and this is often not given the space and encouragement to allow us to be truly free. We experience a multiplicity of parallel and conflicting emotions and feelings that commonly have nowhere to be validated and heard.

Relational engagement begins at the presentational level, it contains realness, yet within the constraints of the topography for what can be an unconscious outcome.

We seek belonging and uniqueness in equal measure, search for community amongst the asymmetrical perceived intimacy of social media and disregard that we can be present in ourselves by accepting the absence of permanence.

We can become lost in this process of recognition, of the overwhelming task before us and finding a doorway that we previously felt didn’t exist is the aim. There is always a way, a light switch in a dark room, whether a discovery of a chosen family, an acceptance of the systems of an origin family, or the true orientation of self. Do we exhibit a conditioned self, an inherited self or a developed self as we find the overgrown path we fight hard for.

Negative societal tropes can become like smoke under a door, seeping into our responses, interrupting our internal compass and making recovery seem impossible. Our eyes see in evens, yet our hearts feel in odds, this space is to find your magnetic north, however you need to get there. Within this safe and brave space, you have ownership, bring to it what you will, what you need and what you were always too afraid to say.

An Intersectional Therapist & consultant

LGBTQIA+, GSRD (Gender, Sex & Relationship Diversity), Race & Ethnicity, Polyamory, Hypno-Psychotherapist, presenter, relationship coach, mental health consultant and trainer based in Oxfordshire, UK.