As a therapist I work with clients who may find that traditional therapy is not suited or particularly understanding of their needs, this includes people who identify as LGBTQIA+, GSRD, Polyam, CNM, Sex Positive Activists, and Sex Professionals.

The majority of my practice, and volunteering time is spent with these clients, not only those who are self actualised enough to self identify but also those who are questioning and find it difficult to connect with what can often heteronormative traditional therapy.

The therapy I practice is anti-oppressive; that means that I work towards acceptance not curative methods (which are damaging), while celebrating and accepting all identities.


I practice what is now being called GSRD Therapy (Gender, Sex and Relationship Diverse) this can be classified as supporting, understanding and evaluating on face value of the queer and non-heteronormative ways of living and existing.

Personally I am passionate about raising education and awareness of those identities that were previously taboo or seen as paraphillia. 

Unfortunately there are still some less than favourable attitudes towards subject areas that I work within and it is this that educate about. 

Any sexuality or gender identity that you self identify as will very rarely be the subject of any therapy and it is merely that you are reassured that if it is raised during the course of therapy then it is something I am totally capable and knowledgeable about to explore with you if so desired.

The people that I work with may not only experience situations unique to their identities but also may require unique solutions to those issues. 

This is the reason that I title myself ‘integrative’, this simply means that unlike some I do not stick to one modality but have the adaptability to create those unique to each client. In this recognition that a one size fits all approach does not exist within GSRD, it gives me the therapeutic freedom to be as unique as you are.

I am more than a ‘kink knowledgeable’ therapist (NCSF definition), which means I understand and am accepting of BDSM lifestyles, relationships and activities, and will not try to ‘cure’ you of your interest in BDSM nor dissuade you from participating in BDSM activities. I follow the rule of being SSC within your own lived experience of kink. 

I have a full boundaries statement available on request that can greater explain the level of confidentiality I provide to those within the community.